At Strathfieldsaye Primary School we use the Victorian Curriculum as a planning tool to provide engaging educational programs. The curriculum aims to meet the challenges of preparing young people for a world in which knowledge is highly valued and constantly changing, a world in which work, society, community and personal relationships are subject to increasingly complex pressures. Young people need a broad range of knowledge and social, personal and thinking skills to be successful. The Victorian Curriculum enables young people to develop through their schooling and will prepare them for their final years of study. Our highly trained staff are extremely dedicated and endeavour to ensure that your students at Strathfieldsaye Primary School receive the best education.

Educational Enhancement

  • LOTE (Chinese)
  • Early Years Literacy Program
  • Reading Recovery
  • Supporting Early Literacy Learning (S.E.L.L)
  • RACV Energy Breakthrough (Grade 3-6)
  • Mathletics and Reading Eggs
  • Group Action Project (GAP)
  • Book Launch (Grade 1–6)
  • Environment Studies based on sustainability
  • Water-wise garden project (Grade 3–6)
  • Visiting speakers and excursions
  • Library specialist
  • Computer access in all classrooms, including use of internet and email
  • Grade 5/6 Netbook program
  • Preparation for Puberty Program (Grade 5/6)
  • Cyber Safety and on-line responsibility
  • Prep transition program
  • Grade 6 to Secondary College transition program

Cultural and Artistic

  • Art/music specialist
  • Visiting poets, writers, illustrators and performers
  • Visits to art displays, artists and cultural performances
  • Displays of children’s work
  • Involvement in community art competitions
  • Multi-Instrumental group
  • Performing Arts – Music and Drama

Sporting and Leisure

  • Physical Education Specialist/Sports Program
  • Interschool sporting activities  e.g. Cross Country, Athletics, Orienteering, Football and Netball
  • Lapathon
  • Swimming program
  • Sport coaching days/clinics
  • Gymnastics program
  • Comprehensive Camps Program (Grade 3-6)
  • Bike Education (Grade 5)

Family Involvement

  • Parent Information nights
  • Family Maths/English nights
  • ICT/Cyber Safety
  • School decision-making processes including forums, surveys, newsletter, major evaluations, information nights for school programs
  • Parent Club,Parent participation in class programs
  • Classroom support
  • School Council Parent BBQ
  • Grade level working bees
  • Welcome evening for Foundation families
  • Fundraising events

 Leadership and Decision Making

  • House Captains and Vice Captains
  • Junior School Council – Grade 3–6 with representatives from each grade

Self Esteem Enhancement

  • Kids Matter
  • Group Action Projects (GAP)
  • Weekly Classroom Awards
  • Positive appreciation and rewards for good playground behaviour
  • Student of the Week (Foundation students)


  • Special Religious Instruction – Lunch Time Club

Social Service

  • Ongoing fundraising for specific causes e.g. School Relief Fund, Good Friday Appeal and Christmas Tree Appeal
  • Student Engagement and Inclusion Policy
  • Chaplaincy
  • Breakfast Club
  • Self-esteem programs e.g. Seasons for Growth
  • Bullying Policy
  • Integration support groups
  • Student Wellbeing committee
  • Designated passive and non-passive areas for play
  • Think Space program for breaches of the behaviour code
  • Access to Psychologists, Social Workers and Speech Therapists (DET – Department of Education and Training)

Group Action Project (GAP)

This program was started at the School in 2013. Every student in the School has been placed into a multi-age group. There are twenty groups containing about twenty students. Every student and every staff member is involved in the program.

GAP is designed to:

  • Enable students to have new experiences
  • Encourage students into new ways of thinking
  • Build a sense of belonging to a community
  • Help build relationships among students
  • Assist students in building relationships with their teachers
  • Ensure that the School is a safe and trusting learning environment
  • Assist students in building relationships in the wider community and through that process, learn how to become better citizens
  • Explore different ways of learning
  • Engage in learning about a whole new range of topics and interests
  • Most of all, TO HAVE FUN.

GAP is generally timetabled for every second Friday at 12.30 pm. However, this can vary because of other student commitments both within and outside the school.

Every GAP group is allocated a space in which to meet, usually a classroom. All the School’s facilities are available for use by any GAP group.

A member of staff is assigned to every GAP group. As part of the program Year 5 and 6 students will also be responsible in helping lead GAP groups.