Awards – November 5

November 5, 2015



Eden Pollard

Ethan Gaul


Rhys Bolton

For working to achieve her reading goal so that she is reading with fluency and expression.

For working towards achieving his writing goal of writing 4-5 sentences on a topic. For using full stops and capital letters correctly and using the lines for correct letter formation.

For achieving his goal of writing a very interesting journal when on holiday and for trying really hard to use the lines when writing in his school journal.



Cade McKay

Bodhi McCarthy

For cruising through 3 levels of coloured words. Great effort!

For always putting in his best effort and working tough.



Lewis Thurman-O’Brien

Lila Kettle

For working hard on writing his letters correctly in the lines and excellent problem solving in Maths.

For her excellent work in solving ‘sharing’ problems on her own in her Maths book.



Jayda Howard

Chelsea Hunt

For working hard toward her writing goals of 2- 3 sentences and writing on the lines.

For working hard on her goal of writing goals of leaving spaces between words and writing sentences by herself.


Gr 1

Jaida Brereton          )

Jakira Irwin-Booth     )

Lincoln Norris            )


For a wonderful effort at the Lapathon.


Gr 1

Pagen Austin

For persisting with Math problems until she could approach tasks with confidence.


Gr 1

Adelaide Seitz

Riley Kemp

For working enthusiastically in all areas with a great attitude to learning.

For working hard at school and at home to improve his Maths skills.


Gr 2

Llogan Mayman


Addison Egan

For producing a great mind map about ‘Goose’ from Charlotte’s Web and helping others finish theirs. Well done Llogan!

For her excellent results in the Term 4 spelling tests. Great work Addi!


Gr 2

Axon Giles


Ebony Stills

For showing resilience and confidence with being at school and overcoming challenges and turning them into success. Well done Axon.

For working hard in spelling and her outstanding results in the Term 4 spelling test. Well done Ebony.


Gr  2

Dakota Morgan

Joe Bratby

For working hard to improve her spelling.

For being a fantastic classmate by showing respect and giving appreciations.


Gr 3/4

Oliver McCooke

Jacob O’Donnell

For collaborating with a partner and sharing his problem solving strategies during Maths.

For working hard to organise and record his prior knowledge on the ‘Mesozoic Era’ for his information report.


Gr 3/4

Hayley Ritchie

Adelle Rogers

For working on some challenging measurement tasks.

For making connections between various texts and sharing her reading strategies confidently with the class.


Gr 3/4

Madison Batrouney

Will Lawson

For consistently displaying a positive attitude and excellent work ethic in all subject areas.

For his excellent organisational skills within the classroom.


Gr 3/4

Daniel Wild

Jordan Brown

For doing some great research on his report topic.

For having an excellent attitude towards his learning this term.


Gr 3/4

Kobi Manderson

Jasmine Crothers

For striving to win our class Lapathon challenge.

For completing the most laps for girls in our class at the Lapathon.


Gr 5/6

Georgie Whitfield

For being very focused on her learning and striving to improve in all areas.


Gr 5/6

Sam Rowe

For taking ownership over his learning and working to the best of his ability.


Gr 5/6

Darcy Strawbridge

Heath Hillier

For a fantastic effort during the Lapathon.

For great leadership during classroom and extra-curricular activities.


Gr 5/6

Laura Cain

Will Evans

For choosing a good fit book during Daily 5 and displaying good comprehension.

For making good choices to ensure he is working to the best of his ability.


Gr 5/6

Jenna Smith

Jordan Lucas

For always endeavouring to produce work to the best of her ability in all subjects.

For planning his time wisely and submitting an excellent Lit Circles Visualiser task early.