August 27, 2015

This fortnight we are pleased to announce the following award winners from across the school: 


Student Name

Reason for Award



Lannah Mayman

Chase Elliott

For writing great journal entries every day that show she is learning about writing.

For using wonderful getting along skills and always striving to do his best.



Chloe Ingram

Eli Egan

For working in a confident and independent manner at all tasks.

For taking his time and putting more effort to complete his work to a high standard.



Eli Hicks


Lily Pithie

For trying extra hard to write a sentence and stretch out sounds he hears on his own and having a good go at sounding out words when he reads.

For enthusiastically writing lots in her journal and being able to read her writing back.



Cal Orr

Giselle Oravec

For terrific journal writing with super spelling choices.

For wonderful writing using lots of describing words.


Gr 1

Jaida Thomas

Alexis Crutchfield

For writing a great narrative about a wolf.

For working like a ‘computer expert’ to create a PowerPoint for her narrative.


Gr 1

Laura Mellor

For settling quickly into her tasks.


Gr 1

Mack Elkington

Lachlan Mawston

For quickly and enthusiastically completing his Solar System PowerPoint.

For completing a terrific PowerPoint on the Solar System.


Gr 2

Addison Egan

Archer Ladd

For her interesting information report about lions. Great work Addi.

For working on making good choices in class and his great work on his spider lifecycle PowerPoint.


Gr 2

Charlize Clough


Alexis Tuckerman

For a fantastic research project on the Koala. Charlize researched her animal, wrote and typed up her report and is now creating a poster. Well done Charlize.

For a fantastic research project on the Koala. Alexis researched her own animal, wrote and typed up her report and is now creating a poster. Well done Alexis.


Gr 2

Will Grindal

Domonic Wilson

For always listening to teacher feedback and giving everything a go.

For reading more regularly at home and bringing his reading log to school.


Gr 3/4

Emily Bulger

Jayde Lowery

For showing improvement in her reading by using expression and fluency.

For having a go at all classroom tasks with enthusiasm.


Gr 3/4

Paige Ney


Nic McNeill

For the detailed completion of many tasks e.g. explanation, Camp Story Board and AutoCollage Front Page about camp. Also reading  expressively and retelling  the main events in sequence.

For the effort he’s putting into his reading at home. Fluent reading and confident retelling of the main ideas. Also earning his pen licence.


Gr 3/4

Liana Austin

Josh Williamson

For always striving to achieve her best in all subject areas.

For making a concerted effort to improve his use of punctuation and the complexity of his sentences within his writing.


Gr 3/4

Elouise Wilby

Tahlia Eleveld

For always striving to do her best in everything she does and always working to a high standard.

For working hard to achieve her pen licence.


Gr 3/4

Tom Bolton

James Osborne

For his magnificent effort in reading.

For his achievements in maths.


Gr 5/6

Indi Power

Milla Stevenson

For really taking on feedback in her learning and striving to improve what she does.

For always going above and beyond to help with extra work, as well as getting her class work done.


Gr 5/6

Caleb Irvine-Kingsmith

Gemma Manderson

For maximising learning time during Daily 5 and making sensible seating choices.

Working hard to plan and improve her writing by using resources.


Gr 5/6

Oliver Wells

Sammi Browell

For displaying resilience and persistence when learning new skills.

For having a fun and enthusiastic approach towards her learning.


Gr 5/6

Gemma Coates

For striving to achieve her best and always conducting herself in a positive manner.


Gr 5/6

Toby Clarke

Jordan Forster

For demonstrating responsibility by seeking assistance whenever unsure of mathematical concepts.

For displaying and enthusiastic approach towards all maths activities.