Cold Weather

June 9, 2015

With the weather getting a little colder in the morning we have seen an increase in the number of jumpers being work to school in the morning. However as the day progresses and the sun comes out and inevitably the students move to the playgrounds and oval for recess and lunchtime they become hotter whipping the jumpers off, often to be forgotten. Some of these jumpers make their way to the lost property where named ones (which many are) are returned to the classroom teacher for distribution. However sometimes jumpers can be mistakenly picked up by other students in the haste to get back to class or when their memories are jogged that their parents had told them not to lose it. If you happen to stumble upon a stray jumper in your child’s school bag we are more than happy for it to be returned to the general office so that we can distribute it to the classroom teacher and the appropriate child.