Happy Active Healthy Hour

Healthy Active Healthy Hour is a dedicated time within the learning program where students are given the opportunity to participate in range of engaging fun-filled activities with students from all age groups. Every student and every teaching staff member is involved in the program.

Happy Active Healthy Hour (HAHH) is timetabled two or three times a term on a Friday afternoon. Every HAHH group is allocated a space in which to meet and to participate in their chosen activity. All the school’s facilities are available for use and one or two staff members are assigned to every HAHH group.

Happy Active Healthy Hour is designed to:

  • Enable students to have new experiences
  • Encourage students into new ways of thinking
  • Build a sense of belonging to a community
  • Help build relationships among students
  • Assist students in building relationships with their teachers
  • Ensure that the school is a safe and trusting learning environment
  • Assist students in building relationships in the wider community and through that process, learn how to become better citizens
  • Explore different ways of learning
  • Engage in learning about a whole new range of topics and interests
  • Most of all, TO HAVE FUN.