Group Action Project (GAP)

This program was started at the School in 2013. Every student in the School has been placed into a multi-age group. .Every student and every teaching staff member is involved in the program.

GAP is generally timetabled for every second Friday at 1.00 pm. However, this can vary because of other student commitments both within and outside the school. Every GAP group is allocated a space in which to meet, usually a classroom. All the School’s facilities are available for use by any GAP group. A member of staff is assigned to every GAP group. As part of the program Year 5 and 6 students will also be responsible for helping lead GAP groups.

GAP is designed to:

  • Enable students to have new experiences
  • Encourage students into new ways of thinking
  • Build a sense of belonging to a community
  • Help build relationships among students
  • Assist students in building relationships with their teachers
  • Ensure that the School is a safe and trusting learning environment
  • Assist students in building relationships in the wider community and through that process, learn how to become better citizens
  • Explore different ways of learning
  • Engage in learning about a whole new range of topics and interests
  • Most of all, TO HAVE FUN.