Divisional Soccer

June 19, 2015

On Wednesday the 17th of June we set off to play five games of soccer at Epsom. We were playing against all different schools from all around Bendigo. We did very well, and out of six teams in our division we ended up second on the ladder and we were really happy with our efforts and our results.  Team Members included Jack Macdonald, Liam Broad, Sam Rowe, Ethan Hocking, Caleb IK, Riley Joss, Kye Probert, Riley Roberts, Patrick Sebire, Tyler Howard, Zoe Hallam, Indi Power, Tash Bratby, and Alexis as our goalie. Eight of those players played in the school Futsal team at the Bendigo Stadium. We played five games and worked our legs out. We won our first five games by a bit then we waited 20 minutes for the grand finial. We played the grand finial at 2:40 and we actually won the grand finial by the scores 7-0. Team members Jack Macdonald, Liam Broad, Sam Rowe, Ethan Hocking, Kye Probert , Riley Joss, Caleb IK, and Alexis as our futsal goalie and we give our thanks to our three coaches Sam Milner our P.E teacher and Jordan Buckley and Caleb’s Dad Ian. On Tuesday the 16thNatasha Bratby went to Melbourne for a District Soccer trial. At the trial there was around 22 girls, from which 6 got selected. She played 5 games, 4 small games and one big game. Unfortunately she didn’t make it in but she tried her hardest. The most important thing was Tash did her best and she is a legend for that!