Mandurang South Outdoor Education Centre

September 3, 2015

Over the next two weeks we will begin to see some of the fruits of our labour at the Mandurang South Outdoor Education Centre with the beginning of our program starting at the site. Next week we will have all of our Prep Children visiting the site as part of their unit “From Little Things, Big Things Grow”. As part of this unit the Preps have been learning about ‘living things’ (plants and animals)and how they grow. To further these learning the students are going on an Indigenous Excursion to the Mandurang South Outdoor Education Centre. Indigenous elder, Julie McHale, will educate the Preps about life on the land, the plants, the animals and how people lived; through stories, dance, taste-testing, creating and singing. In the last week of the term our Energy Breakthrough Team will be visiting the site to complete a training camp in preparation for the Maryborough Energy Breakthrough in term 4. This camp will begin with the students riding their bikes from the school out to the Mandurang South Outdoor Education Centre where they will set up their camp for the night and participate in team building games before hitting their tents for a sleep (or so we hope). The following morning there will be another training ride before camp is packed away and students set off home to start their holidays.