August 27, 2015

In May this year all of our year 3 and year 5 students completed the 2015 version of the NAPLAN tests in Reading, Writing, Numeracy, Spelling and Grammar and Punctuation. These tests are obviously a snapshot of student’s performance at a moment in time and can be used to inform teacher judgement of student performance as well as growth. Over the last two years the NAPLAN Data Service that provides results to schools has become more sophisticated and timelier meaning that the data is more useful to teachers. This week as we have been analysing the NAPLAN data for our students a number of trends have emerged.

When I look at the NAPLAN I am looking for three things – growth, achievement and trends. To do this we look at two things – how much have children improved in the two years between year 3 and year 5, how highly are our student achieving in their raw scores and finally how are we trending as a school across the five years of data that we have access to.

Taking those things into account I am very pleased to be able to report the following:


  • Highest average scores in 5 years for Grade 3 and Grade 5
  • 88 Value add points between 3 and 5 which is 116% of state average
  • The Highest Grade 5 Boys result in 5 years


  • Value add of 84—highest in 5 years (13 points higher than in 2014)
  • Highest Grade 3 score in 5 years


  • Value Add at above the state average
  • Highest Grade 3 result in 5 years


  • Highest Grade 3 and 5 scores in 5 years

Highest Grade 5 Boys result in 5 years

Grammar and Punctuation

  • Highest Grade 3 result in 5 years

These results are a great tribute to the students, teachers and parents who work hard to improve every single day. The students who come to school every day with their heads down trying to improve and grow every day are very deserving of these results. Teachers who ensure that they are planning tasks that meet the individual needs of students and provide them with the feedback that helps them grow and improve are essential to this process,. Parents supporting students at home to complete home reading, mathletics tasks, literature circles and octables have all made a great contribution to these results.  

I am very proud of the results that have been achieved by everyone and we look forward to celebrating more of our student’s achievements between now and the end of the year.