Fundraising / Community Events

The school organises a number of fundraisers each year along with events that aim to bring our school community together. Our largest fundraisers are the Community Fair and the Lapathon.

2021 Timeline

Term 1

  • Let’s Get Moving – Community Event
  • Hot Cross Bun Drive – Fundraiser

Term 2

  • Mother’s Day Stall – Fundraiser
  • Trivia Night  – Community Event and Fundraiser

Term 3

  • Pie Drive – Fundraiser
  • Lapathon – Community Event and Fundraiser
  • Father’s Day Stall – Fundraiser

Term 4

  • Community Fair – Community Event and Fundraiser
  • Book Fair  – Fundraiser

Funds raised through our targeted fundraising activities each year are used to improve the playground facilities and for school equipment upgrades.