Parent Involvement

Parent / Guardian Involvement

Strathfieldsaye Primary School is an open school where parents are welcomed and encouraged to participate in day-to-day activities. The school is an integral part of the local community and feels that there are many people who have something to contribute, either in a classroom, or any other aspect of the school’s operation. If you would like to become involved in your child’s classroom, please speak to the class teacher. If you have an idea or suggestion which could benefit the children, the Principal or School Council representatives would be only too happy to discuss it with you.

Examples of activities in which you may be able to take an active role include:

  • Taking a small group of children in the daily two-hour Literacy Block
  • Listening to students read
  • Helping with excursions and camps
  • Assisting with Breakfast Club
  • Assisting with bookmaking or book repair
  • Joining a School Council sub-committee
  • Offering to be included on the canteen roster
  • Contributing to grounds and facilities development
  • Helping with sporting teams and programs
  • Sharing special skills in a mentor program
  • Joining the committee of a fundraising event

Parents and Friends

The Parents and Friends group consists of a group of school parents who wish to work together for the welfare and interests of all children at the school. All parents are automatically included as members of the Parent and Friends, however attendance at meetings is optional. The Parents and Friends provides parents with the opportunity to meet and discuss educational and welfare issues affecting the children. This is an excellent way for new parents to become involved in the School community.

The broad aims of the Parents and Friends are to:

  • Provide teachers and pupils with additional aids and amenities to those provided by the Department of Education and Training
  • Co-operate with the School Council to promote the welfare of the school
  • Stimulate interest in the school.

The Parents and Friends believe that education is a community responsibility and that students, parents, teachers, and administrators should be involved in the process of decision making. Fundraising activities provide the Parents and Friends with the relatively small amount of money it needs to meet its own commitments. The Parents and Friends provide hospitality in the form of morning/afternoon teas for visitors on various occasions, as well as overseeing the pastoral care role of collecting and delivering meals to school families suffering hardship or sickness.

There are numerous other tasks that the Parent and Friends undertake to enrich the educational experiences for the children. The Parents and Friends provide end of year Citizenship and Academic Achievement awards to Grade 6 children.

Parent and Friends fundraising events are held regularly throughout the school year. Dates are advised in the school newsletter or on Compass, our online communication portal.

Classroom Support

Parents are encouraged to become involved in the School as a ‘Classroom Support Parent’.  Classroom Support Booklet

Parenting Ideas

As a parent at Strathfieldsaye Primary School you are fortunate to have access to some fantastic reading. Each term you have access to Your FREE copy of the latest issue of Parentingideas Magazine. This term’s issue is a fabulous mix of up-to-date research and inspiration written by a team of parenting experts and expert parenting writers. Simply access the magazine by clicking here.

Parenting Ideas also offer a number of courses for parents and their current offering is  Parent Well with the Mood Meter Program. This program is the first in a series of online courses to teach parents how to develop emotional intelligence in their kids. We teach our children so many things, but one of the most important is how to recognise and manage their emotions. To find out more visit the parenting ideas website.