Term 3 Parent Teacher Interviews

June 19, 2015

As teachers are finalising reports for the first semester of learning it is an appropriate time for parents, teachers and students to come together for a shared conversation about the progress of the students. During week 2 of term 3 (July 20-24) we will be holding our annual half year interviews. These interviews are an opportunity to discuss the half year report which you will have been able to discuss with your children over the holiday break and to set goals for the second half of the year.

Learning is a partnership between the school and the home. This is never clearer than when we come together to discuss student progress. We think it is important to provide the opportunity for the student to participate and have input and to also hear feedback from the teacher and parents. To enhance this process we are requesting that students attend the parent teacher interviews next term. If there are points that need to be discussed either by parents or by the teacher that aren’t appropriate to be raised in front of the student another meeting time will be arranged. We understand that at times there are discussion points that are best discussed without he student present.