The Learner’s Journey Performance and Program

June 16, 2016

The students of Grade 5/6 invite the school community to their performances to launch the Strathfieldsaye Primary School Learner Profile on Thursday 23 June from 9am to 4:30pm. These performances will be held at various times throughout the day in a number of locations in the school. Please see the program attached and make your way to as many session blocks as you can. (Audience members are requested to stay for a whole hour session if possible please to lessen the disruption.)
What are the performances all about? Good question!
This task was presented to the Grade 5/6 students this term.
BIG QUESTION:  How can we use performance to show the learning journey at Strathfieldsaye Primary?
Background: This year sees us launching the Learner Profile to the students, parents and wider community. The Learner Profile is represented as 4 ways of learning with 8 attributes as valued by the Strathfieldsaye Primary School community. We believe these attributes support you to reach your potential as learners and develop as socially, environmentally and globally aware students who participate in their community.
Learning Intentions:

  • Understand learning journey taken at Strathfieldsaye Primary School.
  • Tell everyone else about your journey.
  • Entertain an audience (adult community, junior, middle, senior students) for a purpose.
  • Use the learner profile to demonstrate this journey.
  • Use your skills, strengths and interests in creating a unique way to demonstrate how the Learner Profile is part of our learning journey.


  1. Participate in rotational activities to learn about each of the 4 Ways of Learning in the Learner Profile.
  2. Identify your areas of strength (skills and interests).
  3. Brainstorm on your own different performance related ideas/ways to show how the Learner Profile relates to the Strathfieldsaye journey.
  4. In small groups of four/five, share and record in the classroom OneNote table (‘ways of’ and ‘audience’).
  5. Working in new groups on your favoured Way of Learning, make a plan for the performance:
    • Consider the audience your performance will be aimed at entertaining.
    • What is the purpose of your ‘act’?
    • What resources will you need to source/use?
    • Potential costings.
    • Plan a timeline to set deadlines/goals, share roles and responsibilities.
    • Decide on areas which you will be assessed on.
  6. Maximum of 10 minutes for each performance (unless advised otherwise).

As you can see, there was a lot behind the 10-minute performance that you will see. It is all the students work. They needed to first of all understand the Learner Profile and rubrics; decided what type of act they would present; write a script; add music/lyrics/dance moves/animation etc; rehearse and polish…all in 10 weeks!