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Our 2019 Team

Leadership and Administration Staff

Mrs Cindi Bruechert (Principal)

Mrs Julie Ladd (Assistant Principal)

Mrs Sietske Penno (Leading Teacher)

Mr Nic Hargreaves (Learning Specialist)

Mrs Denise Manzie (Additional Needs Coordinator)

Ms Sally Downes (Business Manager)

Mrs Melissa Payne (Finance /Administration)

Ms Rebecca Soulbsy (Administration/Reception)

Mrs Trena Nihill (Administration/Reception)


Wellbeing and Education Support Staff

Miss Sarah Mewburn (Chaplain and Social Worker)

Mrs Marcella Carr (Canteen Manager)

Mrs Debbie Walker (Integration Aide)

Mrs Bridget Denholm (Integration Aide)

Mrs Kylie O’Bryan (Integration Aide)

Mrs Melissa Bennett (Integration Aide)

Mrs Lushelle Bradfield (Integration Aide)

Mrs Meredith Gallagher (Integration Aide)

Mrs Belinda Parker (Integration Aide)

Mr Dave Taylor (Maintenance)

Mr Michael Roberts (Maintenance)

Mr Nathan Herbertson (IT Support)

Teaching Staff

Miss Lucy Lang (Foundation Rm 2)

Ms Erin Michel (Foundation Rm 3)

Mrs Danielle Nixon (Foundation Rm 4)

Miss Chelsea Goulden (Grade 1 Rm 5)

Mrs Gemma Wood & Mrs Lisa Brown  (Grade 1 Rm 6)

Mrs Jen Dunstan & Mrs Gemma Wood (Grade 1 Rm 7)

Mr Lachie Worn (Ms Krystal Harte – family leave) (Grade 1 Rm 8)

Mrs Emma Wishart (Grade 2 Rm 9)

Mr Shane Cowling and Mrs Sietske Penno (Grade 2  Rm 10)

Mrs Cheryl Sumner (Grade 2 Rm 11)

Mrs Bec Lancaster (Grade 3 Rm 13)

Mr Nic Hargreaves and Mrs Cheryl Fitzpatrick (Grade 3 Rm 14)

Ms Christina Spence (Grade 3 Rm 15)

Mrs Deb Burke (Grade 4 Rm 16)

Mrs Jen Rogers (Grade 4 Rm 17)

Mrs Jess West (Grade 4 Rm 18)

Ms Georgie Freeland (Grade 5 Rm 22)

Ms Brittany Shannon (Grade 5 Rm 23)

Ms Brooke Boswell/Ms Amy Cunniff (Grade 5 Rm 27)

Mr Nick Reid (Grade 5 Rm 28)

Ms Dee Hocking (Grade 6 Rm 24)

Mr Dave Stevens (Grade 6 Rm 25)

Mrs Colleen Gibson (Grade 6 Rm 26)

Mrs Cheryl Fitzpatrick (Library)

Mrs Michelle Di Camillo (Performing Arts)

Mrs Melinda West (Visual Arts)

Mr Bryce Curnow (P/E)

Mr Eric Gong (LOTE Chinese Language)

Mr Bob Keily (Reading Recovery/S.E.L.L.)