Our School Canteen

Our School Canteen operates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday each week, providing healthy lunch options for our students. Our canteen offers a range of healthy food options. The menu has been aligned with the National Healthy School Canteens Guidelines.

Lunch orders can be submitted online using our Compass portal, or on a written order form. Healthy snacks are also available for sale at the canteen counter during the lunch break .

The use of our reusable Sticky Beaks lunch bags is encouraged, just send it with your child, clearly named, on the day they have a lunch order. Sticky Beaks lunch bags are available for sale at the school office. Alternatively, if you need the canteen to supply a single-use paper bag, you will have to select this as a menu option when you are placing your order. There is a charge of 0.10c per bag.

Our Canteen Manager, Jade, would love some assistance each day, so if you would like to help out, please give us a call on 5439 5207

SPS Canteen Menu

Compass Ordering and Payment Option

Canteen orders and payments, by credit card, can be made through the Compass portal.  The Canteen link is accessible under the ‘Community’ icon (the 2 people) on your Compass home page.

To place an order, click on the Canteen link and follow the steps.  All orders must be received before 8.30am on the day the order is required.  If you would like to alter a menu item which you are ordering, for example ‘no mayonnaise’, there is a ‘special instructions’ box once you click ‘proceed to review order’. You can add your omissions or additions to your child’s lunch order here.

You can pay each time you order, or there is the option of uploading an amount into your Compass wallet, to use for canteen orders.  This saves time in having to enter your credit card details each time for each order.

If you wish to have a credit amount available to use, you can add this to your wallet by clicking on the ‘Tools’ icon (the cog, next to your name, on the top right hand side of your Compass home page) and follow the steps.

Compass wallet shows a transaction history of your credit amounts and payments.

If you have any problems with online canteen ordering, please contact the Compass helpline on 03 9005 5217 or email support@compass.education. 

You can also contact the school office.

Sign in to Compass by clicking on the above image.