The Numeracy program at Strathfieldsaye Primary School aims to develop students to become numerate and effectively use mathematics so they can successfully participate at school, home and in the wider community. Teachers strive to make Mathematics a fun, positive and purposeful experience. We have established Essential Learnings (see below) at each level to ensure strong foundation in mathematical skills, strategies and understandings.

Our Mathematics Program includes:

  • Warm ups to engage students and promote mathematical thinking.
  • Clear learning intentions and criteria for success.
  • Explicit teaching of skills and strategies including developing problem-solving skills.
  • Hands on learning activities, usually based on real life experiences, designed to allow students to see a purpose for learning and make relevant connections to their everyday lives.
  • Focus group sessions with the classroom teacher providing opportunities to support students and to extend them in their learning.
  • Opportunities for students to share their solutions and mathematical strategies.
  • Integration of ICT resources such as iPads and 1:1 Netbooks and access to programs such as Mathletics.
  • Assessment of students’ skills and understandings and future learning both informally and formally including online assessment tools (Essential Assessment) that provides feedback for students.
  • Students’ self-assessment and goal setting.

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Essential Learning Statements for Mathematics.