Student Reports

We have developed a continuous reporting model to provide information about our students’ curriculum achievements throughout the school year.

Assessed work samples, which we call Learning Tasks, are available for parents and carers to view on Compass, our online learning portal, at regular intervals throughout the term.  

At the end of Terms 2 and 4, a report or profile of our students’ achievements in all learning areas are compiled and are accessible on Compass. Parents may request a printed copy of their child’s report through the school office.



Victorian Curriculum

The Victorian Curriculum areas reported on at various stages through Foundation – Year 6  include:


Assessment Portfolios

At the end of each term, a range of student work samples are collated and sent home in an assessment portfolio for students in Foundation up to Grade 3. Our Grade 4 to Grade 6 students keep samples of their work on their netbook computers. These samples of work portray a realistic picture of our students’ progress, and do not consist only of ‘best’ pieces of work. 

Students may select up to two additional pieces per term for inclusion in their portfolio. We encourage parents and carers to share their child’s assessment portfolio and report with them, and to discuss their progress with the class teacher.

Parents can make an appointment to see their child’s classroom teacher at any time, if any facet of their child’s education is causing concern. Conversely, if the class teacher has a concern, the teacher will arrange a mutually agreeable time to discuss the matter.

If parents wish to speak with a teacher, they can contact the school to arrange a meeting. It is best if this is done outside of our teaching time so that class programs are not disrupted and the teacher can speak freely without interruption.

Student Learning Interviews

Student Learning Interviews are held twice a year, usually early in Term 1 and midyear.  These interviews are a great opportunity to hold valuable three-way conversations between students, teachers, and parents/carers. Parents/carers or staff may request additional interviews to discuss a child’s educational program at mutually agreeable times throughout the year.