Strategic Direction

Our Strategic Direction

The strategic direction is determined in consultation with the school community and endorsed by the school council through a four-year review cycle that aligns with Department of Education and Training guidelines. Our school took part in its most recent school review process in 2020 and outlined the strategic direction of the school through the development of the 2020-2024 strategic plan. Our next school review process will occur throughout the 2024 school year.

Our 2020 – 2024 Strategic Plan

The strategic planning has seen a strong and aligned approach from the school council and the staff to develop a plan for our community that is aligned with the DET Framework for Improving Student Outcomes and focuses on developing individual students in a stimulating learning environment.

Our Vision  

Strathfieldsaye Primary School vision is to empower everyone to learn and grow in an inclusive community.

Our Four Year Goals

Our four-year goals are to:

  • Improve growth and achievement for all students in Literacy.
  • Improve student leadership, voice and agency in learning.
  • Improve the wellbeing of all students.

Learner Profile

This work is supported by and aligned with our Learner Profile which is the guide to the development of our learning experiences, curriculum documentation and our assessment and reporting regime. The Learner Profile provides a strong statement about the skills, knowledge and learning dispositions that Strathfieldsaye Primary School Students are entitled to expect to develop during their time at the school. These are broken down into four areas, classified as ‘ways of learning’. Within each of these areas, there are a set of learner characteristics that we endeavor to build with the students. 

Ways of Learning                                   

  • Self-Monitoring – I know what I am learning, why and where to next. I set SMART goals and plan to achieve them
  • Creativity – I have the ability to imagine new, unusual or unique ideas through being in control of my imagination. I take risks to think differently, learn through mistakes and have fun.

Ways of Thinking                                   

  • Risk Taking – I have the independence to explore unfamiliar situations with confidence and forethought. I feel safe enough to make calculated decisions and reflect on my results.
  • Inquiry – I am a self-motivated learner who builds generalisation based on experience. This may involve questioning, research, connecting ideas and creating or justifying.

Ways of Contributing                           

  • Personally and Socially Responsible – I solve my own problems and participate in making age appropriate meaningful decisions about what I think matters, in order to become a proactive thinker.
  • Community Minded – I acquire the knowledge, understanding, skills and confidence which will enable me to contribute to my community and participate in and lead action in my local and global community.

Ways of Interacting                               

  • Collaborative – I work as part of a team, and share individual goals, ideas and resources to achieve more through consensus.
  • Communicator – I understand and express ideas and information confidently and creatively in more than one language and in a variety